Why choose LOA?

  • We are leaders in our profession: we were one of the first private orthodontic practices in Pennsylvania, we were the first practice in Lancaster to go paperless and digital, we teach orthodontic residents and help train offices on clinical care and practice management
  • We care about our patients: our team is carefully selected and they receive constant education and support on both clinical orthodontics and customer service. Check out our Google reviews or ask a friend, neighbor or someone in the local dental community about our reputation for caring.
  • We have after-school and weekend hours: in each office and especially during the school year we support our patients’ wishes to minimize missing school and activities for their appointments. In fact, we are constantly exploring ways to minimize the number of appointments needed to further help preserve your valuable time.
  • We use the best and most advanced materials and technology: the finest tools allow those with expertise to hone their craft to perfection. Don’t settle for less either for yourself, or your child.
  • We always have time for you: we believe the more you understand about your orthodontic condition and treatment, the better you will feel about moving ahead with achieving your BEST LOAsmile. We are here to answer questions and help communicate with your dentist when necessary to facilitate your treatment.
  • We have affordable, interest-free payment plans: our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to have an LOAsmile and our treatment coordinators and in-house insurance department will work with you and your family to make that possible.
  • We offer retainers for life: there is no reason why once you have spent the time and money to achieve your LOAsmile, you shouldn’t keep it forever. Take advantage of our investment in technology to preserve your investment in yourself!

Dr. Kristin Connors

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