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Welcome to LOA Orthodontics, where we create amazing smiles for each and every patient. Our orthodontic practice has made a full commitment to delivering highly personalized care, in a welcoming, professional and pleasant environment. Every single one of our patients and their families are respected and cared for with compassion and a gentle manner.LOA Orthodontics was established in 1921, so we have been providing specialist level orthodontics in Lancaster, PA, innovating and maintaining a high level of clinical excellence and customer service for nearly 100 years. We have treated the children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren of some of our patients! Our doctors and team members are very cognizant of the trust our patients and our community has in our practice, so we strive daily to exceed their expectations.


Our intention is to deliver the best possible results you, our patient, in the shortest timeframe and with the least possible number of visits to the office. This is because we understand that life can be busy and we value your time. We also know that some of the potential side effects of orthodontic treatment can be avoided if we can minimize the length of treatment.

Our 4 doctors Dr. Manish Lamichane, Dr. Timothy Snyder, Dr. Sarah Wentzel and Dr. Kristin Connors are highly trained and dedicated to ensuring excellent clinical outcomes. They conference regularly with each other on our patients’ treatments and they work hard to maintain excellent communication with your family dentists, physicians and dental specialists to ensure your care is optimal.Our offices are equipped with the latest technologies for diagnostics and treatment, and we continually innovate to bring the very best in clinical care to your treatment. We understand that each patient’s orthodontic needs and desires in seeking treatment are unique, so we develop customized treatment plans that work specifically for them and their requirements. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ at LOA Orthodontics.

It is very important to us that patients and their caregivers are involved in the orthodontic process. We welcome parents, grandparents and siblings into our treatment areas to be part of the experience. Questions are encouraged, and our team is skilled at explaining different aspects of care, such as what is happening and why it needs to happen, in an accessible manner.

Finally, we would like to get to know our patients and families on a personal level, and to develop lasting relationships with them. We love to meet new people, hear their stories, laugh together, and to be a positive and memorable part of their lives.



  • LOA strives to always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of the orthodontic profession and to experience the joy of healing those who seek our help.
  • LOA strives for clinical excellence at all times, for every single patient.
  • LOA is an integral part of our local community, contributing to Lancaster’s unique identity, building personal relationships with other local businesses and knowing our patients by name.
  • LOA strives to maintain an enjoyable and rewarding workplace with opportunities for education, training, family benefits, while doing incredibly worthwhile work.
  • LOA is an equal opportunity employer meaning we do not discriminate by race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.
  • LOA is a place where the spirit of teaching and mentorship is at the very core of our organization for our doctors, team members, and students at all levels of their educational journey.
  • LOA is fully committed to contributing our time, treasure and talent to worthwhile charitable causes.


  • We will always respect your wishes and your privacy
  • We will deliver the very best clinical care we can for you, your family and your friends
  • We will always keep you updated on your progress so that you are a part of your own care and you understand what we are doing and why
  • We will keep our offices clean, professional, pleasant and fun to ensure your visits to LOA are always an enjoyable part of your day
  • We will ensure you will be always able to reach us in the event of an orthodontic emergency

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