Scanning Technology

We use the Itero Elements scanner to record the position of teeth and the bite relationship. We do not take ‘molds’ or impressions of the teeth because they are not as accurate, they are messy and they make patients gag. In fact, at LOA Orthodontics, we were the first practice in Lancaster, PA to start utilizing scanning technology over a decade ago.

For diagnostics

From a scan, we can create an Invisalign or Suresmile simulation of your teeth to show you what your final result would look like. This simulation provides our clinical team a roadmap for your care, something not possible in the conventional orthodontic world of yesterday.

For therapeutics

From the very same Itero scan, we can order expanders, space maintainers, Invisalign and other brands of aligners, and make retainers (see the Free Retainers for Life section). We also order robotically bent, fully patient customized wires from Suresmile for patients in braces. In essence, the scan is the primary stepping stone into treatment and our commitment to you is to continually expand our expertise and improve our offerings to you, our patient.

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