LOA 3D Print Lab

3D printing is an exciting technology that has many applications in many fields, including healthcare. In 2009, LOA doctors were among the first orthodontists worldwide to begin applying 3D printing to aligner therapy. Fast-forwarding to today, LOA Orthodontics has its own 3D print lab utilizing FormLab printers, an MIT spin-off company out of Somerville, MA.
LOA has team members dedicated to expanding the application of printing to orthodontics to make treatment more comfortable, faster and with better outcomes. There is no question that 3D printing will continue to have applications in orthodontics and that LOA will continue to lead the field in offering those options to our valued patients.
Formlabs Printers at LOA

Formlabs Printers at LOA

All 3D printing processes start with a CAD model that is sent to software to prepare the design. Depending on the technology, the 3D printer might produce the part layer by layer by solidifying resin or sintering powder. The parts are then removed from the printer and post-processed for the specific application. 3D printed parts can be used directly or post-processed for specific applications and the required finish by machining, priming, painting, fastening or joining. Often, 3D printing also serves as an intermediate step alongside conventional manufacturing methods, such as positives for investment casting jewelry and dental appliances, or molds for custom parts.

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