Why LOA Invisalign?

Invisalign has Distinct Advantages over Braces

Invisalign is the pre-eminent clear aligner system that is Doctor-driven and has treated over 7 million smiles. Through their pioneering research and industry-leading team of engineers and scientists, Invisalign aligners can treat cases that no other aligner system has been able to. Please keep in mind that aligners, like braces, are simply a tool and the skill and experience of the Doctors and clinical team at LOA Orthodontics are what allow that tool to effectively treat a case to a successful conclusion.


Clear aligners are less visible compared to braces and wires.
This means the entire world does not need to know you are in the process of attaining a fantastic #LOAinvislignsmile!
Even the small, tooth-colored attachments are not very visible and when viewed on photos and selfies, and most people will not even know you are wearing aligners.

Comfort and Ease

Compared to braces and wires, aligners are much smoother and more comfortable with less to jag into the lips, cheeks and tongue. There are significantly fewer visits to repair appliances since there are fewer attachments on the teeth to begin with. Eating is also more comfortable with fewer food restrictions. You may enjoy most of the foods you currently eat by removing your aligners during meals. This means there are fewer intrusions to your lifestyle with clear aligners. Finally, the forces on the teeth themselves are more gradually applied making for less soreness as the teeth move to their fantastic final positions!

Instant gratification

We all like to see results quicker, as opposed to waiting and waiting. With braces, until they actually come off the teeth, it is very hard for patients and their friends and families to envision what their smile looks like. With Invisalign, you can see your results as your smile unfolds! This is not only fun, but also very rewarding and validating that you have made a wonderful choice for yourself in beginning Invisalign treatment with LOA.


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