Only LOA Offers Retainers For Life!

A lifetime retainer guarantee. That’s right, you read that correctly, all former LOA patients, current patients, and future patients are eligible for a brand, new set of clear removable retainers at no cost! When your treatment is complete, you will receive a set of clear retainers and a set of 3D printed models of your teeth. So if you lost your retainer, your dog ate your retainer, or you simply want a fresh, new retainer just bring in the 3D printed models and we’ll make you new retainers. If you don’t have the models that’s ok, we will take care of you.

AND there is no goopy impression needed! We will simply take an optical scan of your teeth, 3D print the models and make your clear custom retainers. Keep the 3D printed models safe and we can use them for future retainers as long as you haven’t let your teeth shift or had a major dental work done. When we say we treat our patients like family, we mean it. We feel honored that you chose us to be your family’s orthodontist and want to help you keep your smile that you invested in straight for a lifetime.

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