Adult Invisalign

Invisalign for Lancaster County Adults

At LOA Orthodontics, we have seen in the last decade our percentage of adults in treatment rise from 5% of our total patients to 20%! Reasons for this increase include better awareness of the connection between our oral health and our overall health. Crooked teeth that do not fit together well make oral hygiene more difficult and with time, this can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, tooth wear and even tooth loss. Bite and TMJ issues can also cause jaw pain, as well as head and neck discomfort which can negatively impact physical and emotional overall well-being.
Some adults have had orthodontic treatment as children or teens but either did not complete it, or stopped wearing their retainers as directed afterwards, resulting in the teeth shifting back to their previous positions. Others might desire all the wonderful benefits of orthodontic treatment, to achieve the straight and healthy smile they’ve always wanted. Whatever your reason for seeking orthodontic treatment, it’s never too late to have a fantastic #LOAinvisalignsmile and for most adults, Invisalign is clearly (haha) the better choice compared to braces.

Adults prefer LOA’s Invisalign clear aligners over braces for the following reasons:

  1. They are much less visible on the teeth
  2. They can be removed while eating or for important meetings and social events
  3. Fewer visits compared to traditional orthodontic treatment
  4. They are much more comfortable than braces and wires
  5. It is much easier to keep the teeth clean while brushing, flossing or during dental cleanings

Whether your orthodontic issues involve crowding, spacing, an open bite, deep bite, crossbite or underbite, Call us at 717.569.7001 and schedule your complimentary consultation at LOA Orthodontics and come see what your Invisalign treatment plan and final #LOAinvisalignsmile looks like!



At LOA Orthodontics, orthodontic treatment is the SAME cost with either Invisalign or braces. This is made possible due to the fact that LOA is a Diamond Plus Provider with Invisalign. Our experience in providing care with aligners means we can solve nearly all orthodontic problems just as efficiently as we can with traditional braces.

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