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Welcome to LOA! We would like to take a few lines to explain how the practice works in terms of those valuable after school/after work appointment times and quality time with us busy Docs. First of all, we ALWAYS have time for you. We set aside time at the consultation to review radiographs, photographs, conduct a clinical examination and discuss treatment options. We then set the plan in motion such that no matter which doctor/office combo suits your schedule, the entire clinical team has access to the full treatment plan for you or your child.

Most routine appointments may take place any time of the day while longer appointments requiring more time and attention typically take place in the morning. This is what allows us to offer more afternoon and evening appointments to accommodate school and work schedules. Of course, if exceptional situations arise we will always do our best to accommodate you. In addition, the doctors set aside time for treatment updates with you when they are not busy seeing a full schedule of patients. If you ask, they'll even brew you a cup of java for the conference!

LOA Lancaster

Conveniently located on Fruitville Pike at the Route 30 interchange, LOA Lancaster is open every day of the week as well as certain Saturdays. Both children and adults enjoy our clean, modern and fun office with state of the art equipment, lively colors, a fantastic caffeination station, and NBA Jam video game (it's FREE!).

LOA Lititz

Located right on Main Street, LOA Lititz is a replica of the Fruitville Pike office. As the practice started in Lititz in 1921, LOA is a part of the very fabric of the coolest small town in America. Patients from either location are welcome to take appointments at the other location as your scheduling needs dictate.

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